Connect from internet

Although the DazzleSoft Solar for Kostal Piko app was initially created to quickly check the current status of a Kostal Piko inverter from your home network, it is possible to connect from anywhere on the internet. To do that, you need to configure some things. This explanation may seem a bit long, but we tried to provide some non-technical explanation to understand how it works.

The app connects to your inverter directly without any website in between. 

The advantage is that you are not dependent on the availability of such as website.
So there is no website that can be down or a service that is no longer supported.
The only thing you need to keep it working is the app and the inverter.
The downside to this approach is that the app needs to be able to communicate with the inverter.
Most inverters are not connected to the internet directly but are on a home network behind an internet router at your home.
To be able to connect to the inverter, the app needs to know the public internet IP address (or DNS name) of your router and the router needs to forward the messages to the inverter on your private home network.
Your public internet IP address: most internet providers use DHCP which gives your router an IP address. You can look on your router's admin interface to see what that public (WAN) IP address is. But if it changes over time, that's not an ideal solution because you'll have to update it in the app too.
Don't worry. There's a solution for that too!
You can use a service like DynDNS which provides you with a DNS name like "" and you enter that name as the IP address in the app.
We talk about "DynDNS" as a reference, but there are multiple alternatives on the internet:

We've also heared about the FritzBox ( router from some of our users that it supports similar functionality.

When the app tries to connect to the inverter, it asks DynDNS what the corresponding IP address is for that name.
Now how does DynDNS know what the corresponding IP address is.

  • you install an application on your home's PC to update DynDNS (you can turn the PC off, but if a change in IP address occurs, it will not get updated until you turn your PC on again).
  • some internet routers support updating a DynDNS name. Because your router is always on anyway, that's a better option than the PC application.
So now, the app can connect to your internet router. It still needs to reach your inverter.
The app, like any internet functionality uses "ports" to make a connection. In this case your inverter uses port 81 (Live tab) and port 80 (History tab)
So we need to make sure that your router sends all incoming messages on those ports to your inverter.
Also your inverter needs to have a fixed IP address on your home network. Normally this is configurable in your router's admin interface. You can configure which device gets what IP address instead of a random one.
Almost all routers support port forwarding.
If you use your router's admin interface, search for "Port forwarding" and configure this:
  • port 80 (or 5080) of your internet router to forward to port 80 on your inverter
  • port 81 (or 5081) of your internet router to forward to port 81 on your inverter

​The reason why we say "or 5080" and "or 5081" is because some internet providers block all ports below 1000 from outside their network. So it might work if you connect using the same internet provider at some other location but not when connecting from another internet provider at another location.

To solve that you configure the external port with a number above 1000 (say 5080, 5081) and you forward those ports to port 80 and 81 on your inverter (which only listens for connections on those ports).

If you than configure in the app:

  • Address: The public IP address or DynDNS-name (no http:// in front and also not :80 behind it, only names with dots inbetween)
  • Port: 81 (or 5080) which is used for the Live tab
  • HTTP Port: 80 (or 5080) which is used for the History tab

Everything should work fine.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at
We've helped everybody that contacted us to get it working..
Please note that making your inverter available on the internet is always a risk (for which we don't take any liability).